The tendency to surround oneself with beautiful things is a violent inclination, which includes their uprooting from their natural environments for the purposes of pleasure and amusement; I want to work in the space between beauty and violence, a space that simultaneously holds attraction and rejection, symmetry and catastrophe. Thus, there will always be a moment in the work in which a beautiful thing is captured, its abduction or uprooting from its nest.
In my works I wish to aggravate this gap: a panoramic painting divided into seven panels, imitating a wallpaper of a landscape and sculptures in which I weave flower arrangements with erect elephant ivory, around which I arrange a still life in a classic composition. The elongated format, the dusty dryness of the surface, the limited chromatic scale and the panoramic space in the painting, expose the fantastic in its pallor, but also allow it to remain sublime, like a corpse of paradise, a corpse of a snowy mountaintop.

Dana Yoeli

copyright © 2010